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DIY Vanilla Cinnamon Latte Body Scrub made with Coconut Oil & Coconut Sugar


This invigorating body scrub is made from items you can find in your own kitchen: coconut oil, coconut sugar, and coffee. The trouble with many store bought beauty products is that they contain toxic ingredients. (Visit the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetics Database to learn more about the ingredients in personal care products.) By making this scrub at home, from food grade products, you can ...

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Red Palm Oil Fish Tacos

This is a delicious and easy to make fish taco. The buttery flavors of the red palm oil with fish, lime, salt and spice are super satisfying and make a perfect meal for anyone following a gluten-free diet.   Finest Fish Tacos   Print Prep time 20 mins ...

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Growing Tomorrow’s Leaders

A Nutiva Foundation Program to Empower Youth At Nutiva, we support several youth-leadership focused nonprofits through the Nutiva Foundation. These nonprofits create meaningful experiences for youth and at the same time teach important life and job skills. As a result ...

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