10 Recipes (and a Bonus) to Superfood Your Lunchbox

Nutiva10recipesSuperfoodLunchbox_1-webIt’s back-to-school time, which means that it’s time to dust off the lunchboxes and fill them with superfood for your super children!

We want to help you send them off right this school year, so we created 10 superfood recipes to help you get them out the door with a happy, nutrition-filled lunchbox.

Starting the Day
1. Coconut Manna-Chip Pancakes
2. Blueberry Chia Seed Jam

Snacking Away
3. Bugs on a Log with Hemp Spread
4. Hemp Kale Chips
5. Ranch Dip with Hempseeds
6. Hemp Spread
7. Chocolate Hemp Spread

8. Superfood Chicken Fingers
9. Superfood Pizza with Hemp Basil Pesto 

After-School Treat
10. Chia Berry Popsicles

No time for making anything, but still want to send them off to school with the best snack around? Peace of mind for you, and happy taste buds for them with the Nutiva Organic O’Coconut snacks, available at Whole Foods nationwide!

Your turn: What is your favorite thing to pack in your child’s lunchbox?


  1. sign4baby says

    My kids totally dig the Nutiva Organic O’Coconut snacks! I need to get more so i can toss them in their lunchbox!

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