Cacao powder

Date Nut Treats

Packed with Nutiva superfoods, these Date Nut Treats are the perfect bite-sized snack whenever you crave a sweet and healthy treat. You can enjoy these on-the-go or as a light dessert!

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Sarah’s Super Satisfying Smoothie

Sarah's Super Satisfying Smoothie

This delicious and nutritious smoothie, made with fruits, spinach, cashews, and Nutiva Hemp Protein will keep you satisfied until lunch!

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Cacao Kapows

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Cacao Kapows are like a chocolate-coconut hug to the taste buds. These inviting little treats will cause you ask yourself, “How could something so good, be so healthy?” Enjoy!

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Raw Vegan Mint Smoothie

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Check out this delicious, minty, and vegan way to enjoy your Hempshake powder! Recipe Credit: Alexis Black, Texas

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Chocolate Superfood Smoothie

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Makes two of the most incredible-tasting and incredibly healthy smoothies you’ve ever had! Credit: Nutiva customer

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Black Bean Chocolate Cake

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Here is an interesting take on a chocolate cake recipe that uses black beans and Coconut Oil.

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Raw Cacao Drops

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These Raw Cacao Drops sound absolutely wonderful and how can you resist Medjool Dates and Coconut Oil?! Recipe Credit: Sonya O’Donnell, Westchester, NY.

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Chocolate Energy Shake

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It’s a hempseed shake, it’s a coconut oil shake – it’s a chocolate energy shake!

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Raw German Chocolate Cake With Nutiva Coconut Oil

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This Raw German Chocolate Cake looks like pure decadence, but really isn’t. Not only does this lovely cake require no baking, it’s also raw, so all of its natural goodness is preserved in all of these wonderful ingredients.

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Coconut Manna and Hempseed Chocolate Truffles

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By Kelly e. Keough, expert gluten-free/sugar-free vegan chef and from her cookbook, “100 Best Gluten-free Recipes for Your Vegan Kitchen“.

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