Espresso Chia Bites

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Raw Coconut Cacao Tart

You won’t believe how delicious, rich and truly satisfying this chocolate tart is! It will “wow” any guest. We suggest topping it with whipped coconut cream with a little vanilla and Nutiva Organic Coconut Sugar!

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Cooked Coconut Icing

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A thick, creamy coconut icing, great for cakes and whoopie pies. With low glycemic index coconut sugar!

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Coconut Shrimp

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A delicious coconut shrimp recipe. Image via. weanders.

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Neanderthal Crunch

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Today we want to share a wonderful recipe that goes back to basics, using some of humanity’s first go to foods. Time to get your Neanderthal on…Nutiva Style!

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Feather Light Macaroons

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These baked goods made with whole-wheat flour are anything but heavy. Credit: From the Coconut Diet book by Cherie Colbom

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Coconut Snow Balls

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Made with Coconut Oil and rolled in Hempseed these coconut treats only take 5 minutes to make!  Recipe Credit: Brigitte Mars, Boulder CO. Enjoy!

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Coconut Carob Clusters

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We have another splendid coconut cluster recipe using Coconut Oil.  These make for great snacks or after dinner treats to share with friends! Recipe Credit: Sherry Pollock, Kauai.

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Coconut Almond Apricot Scones (Gluten Free)

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I love a good scone with my morning cup of coffee.  Cook these scones with Coconut Oil and then spread Coconut Oil on them while you eat! Yum! Recipe Credit: Cecilia Nguyen, California.

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Raw Cacao Drops

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These Raw Cacao Drops sound absolutely wonderful and how can you resist Medjool Dates and Coconut Oil?! Recipe Credit: Sonya O’Donnell, Westchester, NY.

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